The Magic Flute - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Mozart’s classic Masonic story is brought to life in a new production created especially for staging in the Freemasons Great Hall. As the Earth falls beneath the shadow of a total solar eclipse, Tamino finds himself in a mysterious new world where surreal is his new reality. Pushed and pulled by opposing forces, he encounters strange creatures, true love and a series of epic, transformative trials. Director and designer David Lampard’s new vision for this popular opera draws inspiration from the elegance of masonic symbolism, focused through a 1950’s lens to create a vintage fantasy that explores social issues both timeless and contemporary.

The production will feature a who’s who of established and emerging South Australian operatic talent including Joanna McWaters as Queen of the Night and Robert England as Sarastro, with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra conducted by Luke Dollman. The Magic Flute will be sung in English, in an intimate setting that will truly transport you to another era. This was one of Mozart’s last and undeniably lasting works, and has been a favourite with adults and children alike for more than two centuries. It’s a wonderful opportunity to experience the beauty of Mozart’s music but you’ll need to book early. Seats are genuinely limited.

If you loved Don Giovanni, Don Pasquale & The Elixir of Love, you’ll love The Magic Flute.

The Country - Stone/Castro (Adelaide Festival of the Arts)


A doctor and his wife move to the country to start a new life, but their rural idyll is shattered one night when he returns home with an unconscious woman he claims to have found collapsed on a rural roadside. A game of secrets and lies unveils a vivid backdrop of even greater delusion, that the countryside offers escape. Martin Crimp is one of the world’s greatest contemporary dramatists and his cryptic thriller The Country is an international success.

Ollie and the Minotaur & RED INK - Double Bill

Both Plays by Duncan Graham


Ollie and the Minotaur

Three twenty something friends are on holiday. Lashings of gin brings out dark secrets



A supermarket. A woman pops in. A child is screaming. A checkout chick gives attitude. A man is raving mad. 

Inspired by a true story, Red Ink explores how everyday moments escalate into disaster. What will you do to keep your place in the queue? What will you ask of the law to keep the peace?

An Evening with Annabel Crabb

Adelaide Fringe Festival


An evening of surprises, reckless culinary feats, conversation and revelation is due on February 14 when - for the Adelaide Fringe, and for one night only - Annabel Crabb takes over the Festival Theatre. Returning to the scene of her Adelaide youth, Annabel - now a prominent political journalist, author and host of Australia's only known home-invasion-based political cooking show, ABC TV's Kitchen Cabinet - invites some of Australia's most fascinating personalities on stage for cooking and light badinage. Crabb, cooking and chat: The thinking person's Valentine.

Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life - Amity Dry


Mother, Wife & the Complicated Life tells the story of modern marriage and motherhood. It follows the lives of four close friends, each at a different a stage of their journey. One just starting out with a fairytale ideal of marriage and one facing the realisation that her marriage is in trouble. One newly pregnant and wondering if she will be a good mother and one exhausted mum of three. 

This is a raw and honest look at the daily lives of women who are trying to be everything to everyone. It looks at the joy, humour and despair of marriage and motherhood and proves it's nothing like the movies. It also celebrates female friendship and the way girlfriends pull you through when times get tough.

Biddigal Dreaming - Biddigal Performing Arts


The traditional story of cheeky tree kangaroos hiding a watering hole and the brave kingfisher’s journey to find it will be brought to life in dance at the premiere of Biddigal Dreaming during Cairns Festival.


Crafted by Biddigal Performing Arts, Biddigal Dreaming has been created and choreographed, and will be performed by, Cairns Indigenous youth aged 11 to 24.

The plot comes directly from a traditional story from the Giddamay people, as told and retold by their elders over the centuries.

The Art of War - Stephen Jeffreys


The Art Of War was specially commissioned for The Actors Company from the remarkable UK team of writer Stephen Jeffreys and director Annabel Arden. Annabel Arden is a co-founder of the much loved Théâtre de Complicité (The Three Lives of Lucie Cabriol).Stephen Jeffreys is a screenwriter and one of the world’s leading playwrights, author of acclaimed plays such as The Libertine.

Twenty-First Century War: Abstract, Virtual, Glorious, Cruel, Evil, Inevitable. What difference does it make to the dead? Sun Tzu’s two-and-a-half thousand year old manual, The Art Of War, is now used more often as management creed or a self-help primer. In Stephen Jeffreys’ new play, written at a time when all of us are potentially soldiers in the ‘war on terror’, the most influential treatise on warfare is reconfigured as drama to gauge how adequate war is as a model for life, relationships or making money.

Three narratives collide – a love story, party political venality and corporate maneuvering. Written with wit and intelligence, and directed with fire and great visceral urgency, this is a new work of insight and acuity. And as the stories progress through these compelling worlds of passion, finance and intrigue, Sun Tzu’s crucial moral, that, at best, victory should arrive without war, is increasingly ignored. To shattering effect.

Sport For Jove

"Away" and "Macbeth" - Sport For Jove Theatre Company


Michael Gow’s Away is a seminal work of the Australian playwrighting canon and as its characters have their own rituals of communing together at school plays or community recitals, for Australian theatre companies and audiences, attending or mounting a production of Away has become its own right of passage. One of the great joys of working on it has been in hearing people’s personal history with the play. Artists and audience alike have shared...


Macbeth is Shakespeare's shortest tragedy, and tells the story of a brave Scottish general named Macbeth who receives a prophecy from a trio of witches that one day he will become King of Scotland.

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